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Calls to glory at the Rio Olympics

The Olympic Games, an appointment that all the athletes of the great world sports mark in red. We are facing the most anticipated event for elite athletes, an event that many of them spend a lifetime preparing.

The history of the Olympic Games dates back to ancient Greece, but the true history that is remembered is that of athletes, that of athletes who, thanks to their epic feats, become immortal figures for the legend of sports.

It is a continuous desire and spirit of self-improvement, of competing not against your rival but against the clock, against your past self that drives these sports titans to give their all in this legendary competition. Many have been those who marked distances in the elections of the games, but Rio 2020 belongs to a select handful of athletes.

Usain bolt


From the beginning, doubts arose about his participation in the games and his physical form, as happened in London 2012. In addition, one month from Rio de Janeiro, during the Jamaica championships in Kingston for the classification of the Jamaican team, he suffered an injury on the hamstrings (aka the sprinters muscle) that forced him to drop out of the championship final.

But folks, we're talking about Usain Bolt, the legend, the king of speed, the Jamaican lightning bolt. Well, in effect, as if it were a phoenix, it has risen from its ashes and after working with doctors and specialists, it appeared at the Diamond League in London to win a ticket to Rio endorsed with a mark of 19.89 in the 200-meter dash.

Right now about to turn 30, a veteran age for an elite athlete, Bolt finds himself at the gates of Elysee himself. In case you do not remember, he is currently a living legend of athletics with a record of 6 medals in the queen of speed events. But winning in Rio de Janeiro would mean achieving the unattainable for any human on the face of the earth.

Michael Phelps

We are before the most awarded athlete in the history of the olympic games. It is the "shark" of the US team that has already accumulated a total of 22 medals (18 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze) in the consecutive participation of four games. Those of Brazil will be the fifth, games where he can magnify his legend even more, if possible.


Anyway, This athlete's path to glory is fraught with personal problems and unethical performances. From his magnificent performance in Beijing and his rise to fame, he only appeared on the covers for conflicts and substance abuse. In 2009 he was suspended by USA Swimming (US swimming federation) for 3 months as a result of the publication of photos of Phelps with a hookah. However, in London he showed that he was still performing at a formidable level. But in October 2014 he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and the Federation suspended him for 6 months and also decided that the swimmer should not compete in the World Championships held in the Russian city of Kazan.

From that moment on and for the reasons of having engaged to his girlfriend (currently a woman) and having been a father, Michael Phelps has become a new man that, although he has passed his thirties (he is 31 years old), he wants and intends to consecrate his position in the Olympus of sport.

Neymar Jr.


He current captain of the host team of the Olympic Games is surely the athlete who is under the most pressure in these Olympics. The controversies have not ceased and since his controversial appointment as captain of the Brazilian selection they do not stop increasing.

We are facing a 24-year-old young man who in his life has smiled in everything, in everything except with his team. Like some great soccer stars (see the example of Messi, Shevchenko, Raúl Gonzalez, Gerrard or Cristiano Ronaldo himself until less than a month ago) He is haunted by that curse of not being able to achieve the desired triumph with his national team.

To all this we must add not only not winning, but also the terrible image that the canarinha offered at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In addition, there is an extra burden for the Brazilian captain and the entire team, and it is the fact that the gold of the Olympic Games is the only international trophy that Brazil does not have in its record. They have won 5 World Cups, 8 Americas Cups, 4 Confederations Cups, but no Olympic Games gold.

The next appointment of the Olympics gives the Brazilian soccer team the option to make a historical reconquest in the same place where it sank two years ago and gives Neymar the opportunity to demonstrate his leadership skills.

Kevin Durant

It is the new star and leader of the American basketball team. Due to the refusal of the greats like Lebron James and Stephen Curry, it will be up to this new Warriors player to deal with the command of the team.


Those from the USA are a benchmark in basketball and have been since Barcelona 92 ​​without losing an Olympiad. Although doubts have arisen about the level of this year's team and its players, according to Durant, “There is no pressure of any kind. We must be aware that we must play at our best level“.

The USA leader will share stripes with forward Carmelo Anthony, the American veteran who in Rio will become the only American basketball player to have played four Olympic Games.

Although Durant affirms that there are no figures of leaders or stars, but that it is a mentalized and involved team to give the maximum, it is more than clear that he tries to take the iron out of the matter by trying to get rid of the great responsibility he has in the Olympic Games of this year.

Nocak Djokovic

The Serbian who is currently the world tennis number one he does not yet have an Olympic medal in his display case. Although he only has to achieve this feat to be able to embroider his sports career, his rivals will not be able to easily.


Ahead you will have the great Rafael Nadal (who has just confirmed his participation in singles and doubles) with a gold in Beijing and number two in the ATP ranking Andy Murray who was gold in London 2012. He will have to beat these two colossi to claim his first gold and first Olympic medal of his career.

Serena Williams


If we continue with the world of tennis, another essential on the list is the panther Serena Williams. Convinced to revalidate the title of Olympic champion obtained in London 2012 (in singles and doubles), she will face off against the best in world tennis in all history.

She is at the top of the WTA and comes to Rio after a year in which she has won absolutely everything. Of course, it goes without saying that she attends the games as the great favorite of the participants.

The Rio de Janeiro games will surely become the prelude to the retirement of the younger sister of the legendary Williams who is about to turn 35. For this, what better way than to win two golds and close a career worthy of a legend.

Simone biles

They have already baptized it as the new Nadia Comaneci (famous for her 9 Olympic medals and for having been the first gymnast to get a perfect 10 rating, among many other achievements) and it is no wonder. This American teenager is the first gymnast in history to win 3 world titles at just 19 years old.


Rio could become the pinnacle of his career, or rather at the beginning of a legend. In addition, he will be eligible for 5 medals of which he is a favorite in the fourth of the tests in which he will participate. It is on the uneven bars where this young woman "slacks" a bit, although it is a matter of time, which she has to spare, that she also beats them.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce


The latter is a name to take into account in the modality of female speed. Jamaican Shelly-Ann, who is also known as “the Bolt” of the Jamaica women's team, is already a Usain Bolt-style legend in the women's 100m sprint.

Nicknamed “pocekt rocket” (pocket rocket) for its diminished height of 1.51 meters, it is a reference in the athletics of women. He arrives at the river with the firm intention of revalidating the title obtained in Beijing and London in the 100-meter dash. His record is something that should be mentioned, since he adds a total of 13 medals between world championships and open air Olympics.

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