Google confirms it will launch its own virtual mobile phone network

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Google has just confirmed at the Mobile Telephony World Congress in Barcelona a rumor that many believed unlikely and that is that the search giant will launch its own “white label” virtual mobile phone network (MVNO). That means that Google could move and resell the services of other larger phone operators.

However, Google Senior Vice President and Director of Android, Chrome and Google Apps, Sundar Pichai, highlighted that the service will not operate on a large scale or compete directly with traditional carriers such as AT&T or Verizon. According to him, the idea is to have a platform on which to experiment with new services for Android smartphones.

In fact, when asked about the possible prices of the service, Pichai implied with his answer that the virtual network may not even be launched as a standalone service to which consumers can subscribe.

In this regard, Pichai compared it to Google's Nexus line of phones and tablets, which provide the company with hardware expertise and a platform to test different services, but are not meant to compete with companies like Samsung or HTC. According to Pichai, OMV will be a way to promote new technologies to ensure that telephony and WiFi services work perfectly integrated.

Rumors that Google could create its own MVNO came after the company unveiled detailed plans to expand wireless access in cities with Google Fiber. The idea is to complement Fiber WiFi with LTE, so that it is possible to switch between the two without interruption, even in the middle of a call. Pichai added that Google intends to "experiment" on these lines and hopes that the main operators will adopt the new technologies.

The search giant has said that will reveal more information in the coming months, possibly at Google I / O in May. Among other things, it will say which operator will collaborate on the project.

Rumor has it that Amazon might also be interested in venturing into the mobile network space.

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