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Spiritual life has always been important for those born in the sign of Pisces, this year it will continue to be so with greater intensity.

The presence of Uranus is creating many opportunities and changes in the life of Pisces. Some volatility in the financial arena in 2012 - finances will be unstable for most of the year, whether due to very high or low income.

As for friendships, they have been put to the test in the last year, and they will continue to be that way the next, although not so drastically. You have already managed to define your circle of friends, and you will not be so affected by unexpected changes in your social life.

His ability to communicate has improved. This is likely to come from new communication technologies and social media engagement, but also from a larger knowledge base. Love raises some issues this year, so avoid arguments. The family will be very important to Pisces and they will find refuge in their home.

Pisces 2012: Love, Family, Friendship

This year the house and the family will bring much happiness to Pisces. Two solar eclipses could indicate problems in this area, but given your interest and willingness to maintain stability, you will be able to overcome them. There is more social life and fun at home. There is also more socializing with members of the family in general. There is a trend towards very rich family collaboration. The family shows their support and the Pisces and they in turn are a key support for their relatives. Pisces who are thinking of selling their home this year will be lucky and, despite fearing otherwise, they will be able to sell it for a good price.The presence of Jupiter indicates the possible creation of a home office or dedicated space to work or study.

Pisces and Love 2012

This year is not going to be a great year in love for Pisces. Existing relationships will now be put to the test, so be patient and avoid unnecessary arguments. The presence of Mars only tends to provoke conflict, and breakdowns are more likely during this transit. Good relationships will survive, but the most precarious ones may not be able to overcome conflicts and decide to leave love in order to maintain friendship.

As for single Pisces, they will tend to be more affirmative and proactive in love. If they like someone, instead of hiding their feelings, they will go after him or her until they get what they want. Single Pisces are especially attracted to people with money - wealth becomes an aphrodisiac for Pisces in 2012.

Pisces 2012: Money, Work, Education

Many dramatic financial changes are happening this year because it is a year of constant change in the financial and work environment for Pisces. Many times, just when you think things are the way you wanted, a new investment or idea will appear and we will come back with the changes again, giving you a sense of financial freedom. You should not despair with so much change, because it is a year of learning in which if you get it right, you will sow the seeds of something that will grow and will be very important in the future.

Pisces students may decide to change their studies for others, even at some point drop out. It is not advisable to abandon without having an alternative available. But neither should we rule out the possibility of rethinking the direction of their work or their studies.

There is a good chance that many Pisces will start their own business this year. More than just following the basic rules, they will discover what really works for them. They must follow the low cost philosophy and grow little by little, as this will consolidate the business. Job opportunities and money will come suddenly and unexpectedly and it will be a very entertaining year in this regard. Keyword for Pisces this year: Adaptability.

Pisces 2012: Health

General health will be good this year. They must be more careful physically, when driving or doing risky things. In 2012 Pisces tends to take for granted that his health is good because he is physically well. However, it is a year of many unexpected changes and a lot of activity, so it is especially important to reinforce your health and energy with a good diet and physical exercise. It is important to pay more attention to the feet and the heart this year. It is possible that Pisces' food tastes will change this year - if this is because he is depending to listen better to his body's needs, it is a very good sign.



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