Dog Driving School in New Zealand

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It turns out that in New Zealand, an animal shelter wants to show the world how smart these animals can be and is teaching some dogs to drive. That's right, how you hear it ... Driving dogs !!

-The coaches of La Auckland Humane Society (New Zealand) have been teaching Monty, Ginny and Porter to steer, to use the gear stick and to use the brakes.

-These dogs have been trained using a rig that looks a lot like a motorized wheelchair before they can drive a Modified Mini Cooper.

-Dogs will not drive taxis or participate in circuits, but rather they do it to raise their profile as shelter dogs and show what they are capable of, maybe one day going further.

"Our dream would be for people to be proud to adopt and own rescue dogs"

-Said Christine Kalin, CEO of Auckland Animal Shelter

They show us their skills on television!

-Here we leave you these videos where we can see how smart they are at the wheel 😉

What do you think? They are super smart right !!!! 😀


[Google Images]

Video: Protection Dogs Plus: Three Dogs Doing Tricks in Sync!


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