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History and the Saint

Saint Ambrose, Bishop and Docotr of the Church: Considered one of the most outstanding fathers of the Church, he was born in Treveris and studied in Rome to be appointed prefect of Liguria and Emilia with headquarters in Milan on his 30th birthday.

In the year 374 he was appointed bishop of Milan where he defended himself against the introduction of Arianism, spiritual father of the emperors Gratian, Valentinian II and Theodosius I. He has left an important literary inheritance, among his works we find several exegetical treatises and one on Christian morality, he also composed numerous hymns. Saint Ambrose baptized Saint Agustin.

His saint is celebrated on December 7.

Other Santos Ambrosio:

  • San Ambrosio, bishop is celebrated on April 4 and October 6;
  • San Ambrosio, abbot on July 19 and November 2;
  • Saint Ambrose, martyr centurion, August 16
  • Saint Ambrose Barlow, priest and martyr on September 10.

Variant of Ambrosio:

Ambrosio in other languages:

  • Catalan: Ambrós;
  • French: Ambroise;
  • English: Ambrose;
  • Italian: Ambrogio.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Ambrosio:

  • Ambroise Thomas. Born in Metz, France in 1811, a composer, his most famous work is the Opera "Mignon", 1866.
  • Ambrosiana Library, in the Palazzo dell'Ambrosiana in Milan, is the first library

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