Ayurveda and Tantric Sex

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Author: Fabián Ciarlotti TitleAYURVEDA AND THE TANTRIC SEX (160 pages) Editorial: Ediciones Lea Avda. Dorego, 330, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Argentina) ISBN: 978-987-634-333-6 Ayurveda medicine comes from India and is 5,000 years old. Over the years it has evolved and has been taking ideas from Chinese medicine, from the Tibetans, who used it, on the other hand, Tántra has taken sexual life as a spiritual path. Tántra guides us in the sense of evolving and developing ourselves sexually using mind and body. Exploring our senses and experiencing sensations. Few philosophies have spoken openly about sex, but in Tántra they have. And it teaches us to explore and have fun with sex. The game consists of trying not to reach orgasm, holding on as long as possible. Through very subtle caresses, whether with a feather, a silk scarf or the light contact of the skin ... achieve the highest possible pleasure. In this book Fabián Ciarlotti, unites Ayurveda medicine with tantric philosophy, in order to discover another way of living our sexuality, extending our sexual life and enjoying our body and our senses in a fun way and through 50 questions. . Fabián Ciarlotti was born in Buenos Aires in 1959. He is a physician, kinesiologist, orthopedic surgeon and specialist in Ayurveda Medicine. He teaches at the University of Buenos Aires and at the University of Maimoides, where he directs the chair of Ayurveda Medicine. Deriving his career in the publication of several books on the latter. It is a very short 160 page book, but it is very entertaining and interesting. Best of all, it can change your view of sex, change your habits and make you enjoy your sex life much more. I recommend it to you! Related LinksAyurveda and Tantric Sex:

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