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Samsung Galaxy S III dethrons iPhone as world's best-selling phone

For years, techies have been searching for a phone that surpasses the iPhone, a new device that dethrons Apple's mighty phone as the most admired or popular smartphone.
It may already be here.

According to new research from Strategy Analytics, for the first time, Samsung's Galaxy S III overtook Apple's iPhone 4S to become the best-selling smartphone model in the third quarter (July-September) of 2012.

The Galaxy S III shipped 18 million units worldwide, compared to 16.2 million units for the iPhone 4S. That is 11% of all smartphones sold on the planet.
Launched in May, the Android-based Galaxy S III features a larger touchscreen and longer battery life than the iPhone 4S, along with more megapixels in its camera and the ability to run on 4G phone networks. Some tech sites have rated it the best smartphone on the market.

However, the reign of the Galaxy S III at the top of the sales ranking is likely to be short-lived. As Strategy Analytics has noted, sales of the iPhone 4S declined in the third quarter as consumers waited for the iPhone 5, which went on sale on September 21.
Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5S that first weekend and is expected to sell many more millions in the holiday shopping season.

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