Pareidolia: Faces hidden in everyday objects

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Have you ever seen faces, shapes or figures on such everyday and common objects as an onion?

Faces hidden in everyday objects

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where a random stimulus (usually an image) is mistakenly perceived by our brain as a recognizable shape. Look at these photos and tell me ... what do you see?

1. "Nooooooo, we're going to be cooked !!"

2. Owl

3. This cat has a cat face on its forehead

4. This alarm clock seems so confused ...

5. This pumpkin in another life was a dragon

6. A very sinister onion

7. A bird

8. A rose that has ended up being a skull

9. This hen, I mean church, has a very nice beak

10. “I think I've had too much to drink. I'm throwing up red clothes ... "

11. “Day 5. The submarine mission continues. They have not realized yet that I am a whale "

12. This broccoli seems to have a very bad character ...

13. "Woooooow"

14. "What time are you to arrive?"

15. Some friends buried another up to their knees in the sand. When it came out, the sand formed this

16. Quiet mop, I don't want any problems

17. "Oh no, my eye !!"

18. A sad torso

19. She sure is nice

20. And surely this zipper is not ...

21. Wait, what is a guy doing in my fridge?

22. A very kissing flower

23. Definitely, witches exist

24. You wonder whether to eat it or not.

25. I think this coffee will make you have a good time

26. Don't trust this chair ...

27. The cutest cookie in the world

28. Give me a second…

29. "Your last words?"

30. So much party has taken its toll on me

31. When the clubs are happy

32. Princess Leia wants to kiss you

33. “Why me ...? I do not harm anyone "

34. The terror of breakfasts

35. When someone smiles at you but their partner does not find it funny

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