Cheap flights in Spain, summer 2009

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EasyJet offers discounts on flights between Spain and the UK in high season.

The offer includes 100,000 seats on flights linking British cities with destinations in Spain, Portugal and France. This year, as a clear consequence of the economic crisis, the offer is extended to the months of July and August, including the dates of school holidays.

Here are some examples of the prices included in this cheap flight offer:

Cheap flights from Alicante:

  • Flights to Liverpool € 33,
  • Flights to London Gatwick from € 35.50,
  • Flights to East Midlands from € 41.50 and
  • Flights to London Luton from € 42.50

Cheap flights from Malaga:

  • Flights to Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester and the three London airports: Gatwick, Stansted and Luton from € 30.80. .

Cheap flights from Palma de Mallorca:

  • Flights to London Luton and Stansted from € 32;
  • Flights to London Gatwick and Liverpool from € 35.50;
  • Flights to Bristol and East Midlands from € 45.

Offer flights can be booked through the easyJet website ( It is best to be flexible with flight dates and times; flights on weekdays tend to be cheaper than on weekends, and very early or very late hours are usually cheaper than flights at noon.

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