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Frequently asked questions
The insurance that is most contracted in Spain is the Funeral Insurance. People want to resolve the expenses inherent in their death, so that they are not a burden on their family. Generally, it is a family policy that includes several members of the family.

Who is looking for Burial Insurance?

All those people, who want to prevent the economic consequences, which produce funeral expenses for their own. And at the time of death, you do not have to take care of all the bureaucratic procedures inherent to burial and burial.

How much is a burial worth?

Taking an average of around 3000, it can be much higher if you wish and it also varies remarkably if it is done in the city in a town. For this reason, funeral insurance is so popular that more than a policy it is an advance contracting of the provision of a funeral service of your choice.

What coverage does it provide?

This insurance covers the funeral expenses of burial, cremations and, in the case of foreigners, repatriation expenses if the insured dies due to natural death. This last service is essential, for foreigners who at the time of their death wish to be buried in their country of origin, because privately take care of the costs of moving the coffins unthinkable due to its high cost.

Complementary coverage

Some insurance companies may also include other supplemental coverage such as:

Telephone Assistance Service: with all the necessary legal information, to carry out the pertinent procedures, they answer all your questions and advise you on how to act in such a difficult moment.

Travel Assistance Service: Covers unforeseen situations of accident and death, taking care of medical expenses, repatriation if necessary, transfers of patients, etc.

Management Service: They are economic policies, which at the time of death take care of all the paperwork and carry out all the necessary procedures, for the exhumation, such as: administrative procedures, to obtain the death certificate, processing of the widowhood and orphan's pension, legal service of advice, etc.

Pedagogical assistance at home: For their youngest insured persons of school age, they guarantee pedagogical help if they become ill or have an accident, that they are immobilized in their home for more than 15 days in a row. You will be offered a teacher, who will give you 2 hours of private lessons during school hours.

Repatriation for residents in Spain: Regardless of the nationality of the insured, death insurance covers repatriation to any part of the world. The coverage provides the complete burial in Spain, the necessary medical and legal expenses, for the authorization of repatriation, the administrative procedures in front of the official institutions, transfer from Spain to the place of exhumation in their country of origin and a round trip ticket, to a companion residing in Spain or in their country of origin.

How are burial expenses covered?

Insurance covers burial expenses based on the amount insured. The insured capital takes into account the value of the burial in the place of residence of the insured. But, in the event that the cost of the service is less than the available capital, the surplus will be returned to the beneficiaries. To avoid these problems, some insurance companies give the corresponding amount to the beneficiary, so that he can solve his destiny.

How is the hiring time?

The policy must be renewed every year, it will be increased taking into account the age of the insured and the CPI. Another possibility is to contract the policy for a short period of years, for example 5 years, it will have the same coverage and if the insured person dies after the expiration of the policy is established, they will be mortgaged. It can be paid annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Burial Insurance:

  • Who is looking for Burial Insurance?
  • How much is a burial worth?
  • What coverage does it provide?
  • Complementary coverage
  • How do you cover burial expenses?
  • How is the hiring time?

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