Who is Jon Snow's mother?

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This theory, which in recent days has gained strength by readers more than by followers of the series, for those who only see the series it is better not to continue reading, since in the series these events are not recorded.

The theory has thus emerged by tying up the dots, and having nothing to lose for an alternate ending to the books and the series, of course, readers have realized that there are some gaps in Jon Snow's life that may be the perfect clue. for this story to fit and if you ask me that would be great if it were true !!!

Well on the subject, and for those of us who have found out or who have lost some data here we list and expose them.

1. Eddard Stark's character, very contrary to the majority, loyal makes us think that he was not able to be unfaithful to his beloved Catelyn when he joined the rebellion organized by Robert Baratheon after his sister Lyanna Stark was kidnapped by the King Rhaegar Targaryen.

2. The "promise Ned" that Lyanna uttered before she died and that no one knows more about. According to the theory that Jon is her son, she asked Ned to protect and take care of her son.

3. When Melisandre looks into the fire for Azor Ahai (A warrior will draw a flaming sword from the fire. And that sword will be Owner of Light, the Red Sword of Heroes, and the one who swords it will be Azor Ahai reborn, and darkness will flee in its wake) she says: “I ask the Lord of Light for a vision of Azor Ahai and the only thing he shows me is Snow ”here is another“ clue ”to Jon's true identity.

4. Another theory that could support these claims of Jon as a Targaryen is the dream in which he saw himself fighting flaming sword in hand, against "The Others".

5. Contrary to what Melisandre believes about Stannis, who sees him as the Azor Ahai, Maester Aegon makes the observation that the sword that is in Stannis's possession is not the Owner of Light, since the true one in addition to shining like fire it exudes heat, and it does not.

Well I leave this here because for those who have read the books, or are in it, they will know that they can continue to draw conclusions on this subject and that is why we are faithful followers of "Game of Thrones"

It should be noted that this will not be clear until the next books that are not yet written come out, and as we all know George RR Martin always surprises us. Although while that happens we entertain ourselves and you don't see how thinking about what might happen.

To look forward to the arrival of those books that will clarify all our speculations. In the meantime What do you guys think?

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